Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mass cookout.

Had breakfast outside with my family! :DDD
Rare chance for the whole family to gather together and eat cause my bro's always MIA. :((
Had dimsum + fried carrot cake and prata! I'm the biggest eater among my family! jialat ahhhhh! T__T
Was kinda sad that my corn pau's isn't in the shape of a pig unlike the one i had last time before flying to Nepal. It's in the shape of a leaf this time. BORING~

Rejected all of Andy's event that day as they're all 8 hours and i regretted badly!!! Nothing to do + no one to accompany me out! :(
Complaining about the boredom in twitter while making Osmanthus Jelly with Wolfberries and Mini Colourful Cupcake Poppers with Chocolate Cream.

Love the Jelly cause it taste so refreshing! Especially on a horrid hot Sunday! :P

Before sending them off into the oven. Don't they look like pastel paints on palettes? heehee!

Used up the leftovers to make swirly cupcakes.

The Macaron-wannabes Cupcake poppers! Adorable little things. hahaha!
Was complaining about being bored and having nothing to do until YT and i suddenly talk about cooking! hahaah! He super enthu-ly come down from Boonlay to Yishun to come my house and cook! JH joined us just to eat! hahaha!
YT made chicken curry while i did the ABC soup and stir fried bok choy with chicken breast. Nommies! Ate till soooooooo madly full!
Chatted with them till 11pm before walking them to the mrt. LOL! Looks good right?!?! His curry's damn nice and fragrant!

Did events with Santi at Rider's Lodge in the morning. 5th time since i'm sent to Turf City for events. It's super farrrrrr~~
Forced myself to the gym after that. Ran 16.6km on the treadmill over 90 minutes! haahah shioks! If only i can do that on road. X_X

Waited at home for YT, JiaPeng, Ronald to reach as there's a second cookout at home AGAIN! LOL this time with Ronald as the chef.
JH and ZhiYong joined us slowly after that and the food's still not ready after 2 hours! :( 
THE KITCHEN WAS LIKE A WAR ZONEEEEEEEE!!!! Super oily and messy cause Ronald's experimenting with his pork chops.

Zhapalang soup, pan fried tempura pork chop, stir fried bok choy with anchovies, boiled hot dogs, fried luncheon meat, fried rice, hot dog omelette, leftover curry and cheesy omelette.
Only ZY, YT and I spammed the soup. hahahah! Yummeh! Quite a dinner with friends dining with you over self made dishes.

Chatted and watched TV till about 10 before sending them off to Northpoint Mac to linger awhile more. Supposed to get HuiYing over to overnight at my house as I'm home alone since my parents were off to Indonesia and my bro's in hostel. Was too exhausted so collapsed onto the bed immediately after reaching home.

Breakfast with MinQi and HuiYing at 10! ♥
Long time since i see them. Had char siew pau and did a mini catchup before i go home and prepare for badminton at Santi's condo with Ronald, EngChuan and KaiHo.

Sweat like mad few minutes into the game! I ♥ sweating! :X Played 2v2 mixed and 2v2 Girls Vs Guys.
Punctured after 1 hour and watched the guys play 1 on 1.
We initially planned to jump pool and gymmmmmm! But the security guard there spoils everything. :( She/He refuse to let us use the residential equipment. blarghhhh and ya she/he look like male and female. The guys went off to eat while Santi and i went on to the long awaited sauna! :DDD Her first time using that facility in her condo! LOL!
We spent quite a while figuring out how it works! HAHAH!! 2 goondus!

It's a pretty tiny wooden room next to the shower cubicles and inside we have to pour water over the heated rocks to generate heat and steam.
Talked about lot of rubbish and our upcoming Batam trip with her inside! HAHAH!!! We even did hair mask!!! Stayed inside for 1 hour 30 minutes and the moment we open the door out, waaaaa~ outside feels like got blast air con ar!!! xD
It's not as hot as expected la, maybe the thingy got prob. but i sweated like mad while that crazy indonesian still pretty dry! But we feel sooooo refreshed after the session following a cool shower. Awesomeszxzx.

Homed and ate too much so got HuiYing out for a night walk with me! hahaha! Satisfied her cheesecake craving and we walked to chongpang. ahhh~ the memories. :X

Explored the foodie area and turned back. Endless of trash talk with her as always. :)