Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ladies Night

Yim, Joy, Santi and XuHong ♥

Partied with my girls last night! We went around getting free entry stamps from Zirca/Rebel and Arena before the crowd comes. Skipped Attica as we're too lazy to queue for it.

Chill at the Singapore Sling Boutique first since there's a $2/cocktail for ladies that night. We started playing with the predict marriage age thingy with Santi's ring and a strand Joy's hair. It sounds a bit black magic la but this is what Naimah taught us earlier that afternoon.

Tie a knot on the ring with a strand of long hair, then ask the person to hold out her left palm. 'bounce' the ring gently up and down above the palm and without touching it. If the person wanna get married at age 25, bounce it 25 times and it the ring rotates in circular movement, means that is your marriage age.

We try and error with this a lot of times till the staffs there were wondering what we'll doing! hahahah!
Googled and tried another method as well!
'you take a ring (metal preferable) and tie it with a hair (it can be anyone's hair) and a glass of half full (or half empty :P)water, then you hold the end of the hair with your finger and let the ring hang just before it touches the water. you hold it steady and wait, the ring will eventually swing, it swing faster and faster and eventually hit the glass and make a sound. you suppose to count the sound, and eventually the ring will stop by itself. the amount of clinking sound the ring make it suppose to be the age you gonna get married.'
We got a glass of half full water and the ring really oscillates by itself! Freaky yet cool la!!!

Walked past a palm reading machine and tried with with Joy. A fortune came out for me. pretty good 1 but Joy's money kena eaten by the machine as there's no reaction after she inserted the coin. suay~

Went back to Zirca and Rebel to party~
Super fun! Prefer Zirca but ths better DJ's at Rebel. :/ i ended the night with a missing right earring and a spoilt right wedges. Power hahah!
Cabbed home with XH and Santi at 3+ with only 3 hours of sleep for my dental checkup the following day. B