Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Went to Institute of Mental Health last Sunday with Santi, BaoYi and Ronald together with BY's ITP supervisor to conduct refractions for the selected patients there that are singled out by the doctors to have poor vision.
The moment i stepped in, i was silently questioning if the hospital is opened or not. There's sooooo little people there and it feels so different compared to governmental hospitals.
We proceed to the female wards first and the rooms there really well..... wasn't what i expected. There's a common room filled with chairs and a TV with quite a number of doors separating them from the public.
The whole place looks and feels really very depressing..... I can feel them being trapped inside they own body rather than the hospital ward. Majority of them were just sitting on a chair staring into space. I wonder what's going through their mind.

First patient that we work on is a lady who complained of poor vision since 6 months ago. We scoped with retinoscope first and found no reflex at all. Dumbest thing is that none of us realised that she might have cataracts and we went on to bomb different type of lenses on her until BY's supervisor came to help us. My very first time looking at a patient with cataracts and her case is so dense till she requires phacoemulsification.
Second patient was a lady who wasn't very responsive. She drift off easily and it's hard to ret her especially when she keeps looking at me instead of the fixation target, causing accommodation to affect my ret results. Didn't give the exact presciption as it's kindof impossible subjectively, they don't require such good vision and she's presbyopic therefore under correcting her can help in her near vision.

Next was the male ward. The moment we stepped in, WHOA~ The smell there haha.
Can see half naked uncles lying on the floor, sticking their faces on the glass window to peer at us and all. Left them soon after for Andy's event at a condo. Heard that they went to prison wards for the ill mental patients where there's really metal bars. @__@


BY's supervisor was asking us so what we're intending to do after graduation. This thought has been troubling me since the start of year 3. Ever since i know that the University of Manchester degree is useless and with or without it doesn't affect my prospective pay, I'm at lost on where to go. Diploma is never good enough for me and I don't want to stop student life so early yet.

Did reconsider the UM degree but everyone tells me not to waste my time and money there. :(
Overseas is only an option if i'm born with a silver spoon in mouth. There's no degrees offered in local university that is related to Optometry as well. :/
Seeing my bro happily embarking on his uni life in NTU isn't helping either. I really don't want to stop schooling! :((((
Pondering about business degrees in unis but i'm horrigible with business modules and it's gonna be crazily competitive to get it. Damn my education's stuck.