Thursday, August 16, 2012


Feel like attempting to make this but i'm ultra scared of failure. X_X
Easy ingredients but i see a lot of experienced bakers fail in making a decent one before cause of the techniques used. Whats more i'm an ultra noob 1. hahahah!

I wanna try doing mooncakes too! But the price of mold and ingredients turns me off. I've already been spending close to 500$ for this expensive hobby of mine.
Dor ar dor! tsk tsk tsk.


Went to NTU today for a 3 hours event making candyfloss nonstop.
Luckily uncle lim drove me in cause that school's really hugeeeeeeeeee! I thought it'll be as huge as SP only sia. ><

Bro joined me for lunch at Canteen A and i made him pay for my Ayam Panggang in regards to help him bring his laundry home. I'm such an awesome sister right? ahhaah :P
He walked me to his hostel and we stopped by Canteen 2 for his soya beancurd pudding and my frozen yoghurt. Both taste nasty. Total waste of my calories.

Not nice one. Cheat my feeling and my bro refuse to help me finish cause he doesn't like yoghurt. -__-

I like it when he goes around intro-ing me to all his friends that we met on the way as his 'little sister' instead of just 'sister'. Feels more err.....protected? LOL.

Reached his dorm and whoa, i like the place. 1 room is shared by 2 people and there's a study desk, wardrobe and a bed. I like the independency and quantity time spent with your peers. Wished i get to go uni....:( His roomy is damn cute sia, his wall is decorated with skimmer, turner, ladle, pots with peanut butter, wholemeal bread, maggi mee and stuffs on his table while my bro's portion is just....nothing. BAREEEE!!!!
Feels like his friend is really there to stay forever while my bro is there for a night only. haha!

Forced him to bring me to Canteen 1 to get my ice cream as i heard Scoopz is pretty good there. :PPP

Earl Grey Tea and Strawberry Cheesecake Ice-cream
Intended to share but end up he only ate the earl grey while i finish the cheesecake cause we got our own individual liking.
It taste pretty below average. Another waste of my calorie crap.
I really like the canteens there! All look so nice and the stalls looks ultra appealing.

Got sent off on a shutter bus to pioneer before i indulge like mad at home when i resolute to go on diet. WHY WHY WHY DOREEN!!! WHYYYYYYYYY!!! T____T
My input seriously more than output even if i run 8k daily. Damnnnnn.