Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy 47th National Day Singapore!

Wednesday, National Day Eve!

Skipped both business lectures for work since my group had completed the group report already.
Took up this event at Tampines instead! A national day with nursery and kindergarden children from that district!

A machine filled sweet popcorns!

My second time using this big machine. My all time favourite machine cause it's huge, it doesn't burn the popcorns, it doesn't splatter oil on me and it cooks fast! :D
Andy greeted me cheerfully early in the morning! LOL~ And he's even joke about the oil having collagen which is good for the consumer when i ask i him why it looks different from normal. LAME TTM! HAHAHA!!
Nice of him and Robin to drive and drop me off at nearby mrt. :)

Had a roleplay for GEMS with HuiYim, BaoYi, Naimah and Santi about business lunch.
I was the waitress! haha! Had trouble serving this 3 huge plates of western food. :X

Dropped by MinQi's house again to pass her my cake before going for a jog at night with JianHong cause of the really sinful food recently. Did a 2.6k run in my pace and another 1.6k run in his speed before we puntured faster than before.
Stomach wasn't feeling food as i could feel water bubbling around inside as i run tho it didn't really give me any discomfort. Was kindof scared that it will progress into stitches so i stopped.
Made him do lunges and stretching till he 'chou jin'! HAAHAHAH!!!
Totally laughed at him all the way cause he hold on to the railing for 5 minutes without moving cause he can't move~! The sight was really funny! HAHAHA :X
Slowly walked home and passed him a slice of my pandan cake. :)



Off to Punggol CC in red (feeling patriotic! hahah!) in the morning to do events with KianTeck.
This boy ar, just loveeee to make huge candyfloss. LOL

But out of all my friends, his floss shape is the nicest. The usual shapes that he give out is like... all nice cone tree shape de. Quite pretty as compared to my ball shape. :X

Went to a vending machine and itchy hand-ly press for a dried codfish snack with the thought whether it will get stuck of not.

and it got stuck. -___- 60cents cheated.
Super bu gan yuan so i took out another 60 cents and ordered the same thing in hopes that both snacks will drop together and end up the 2nd one got stuck too!!!! LOOOOOOOOL
Can't stop laughing cause i'm super suay la! AHAHAHH!!!

Asked KT for 60cents and the third 1 finally pushes everything down. HENG AR! hahahahah!
$1.80 just on 3 packets of cod fish snack. LOL #stubborngirl

Trained to Novena for lunch at subway while waiting for BaoYi, Ronald and HuiYim to arrive.
Thanks KianTeck for the lunch treat! :D
Steak and Cheese foot long sub with extra parmesan cheese!

Shared Jumbo Passionfruit Yami yoghurt with the girls before we head up to Baoyi's ITP shop to choose specs for Yim.
Her shop having a 60$ frame + lens promo on National Day. :D

Went back to washed up again before heading out for fireworks!
LE SIAN~ No tickets for NDP this year! :(

Saw Ying and Min on the bus! hahah! That 2 pigs going flyer to feast on indian buffet while watching NDP fireworks.

Met Nic at yishun mrt and he keep pulling my red cap off. -___-
Off to marina square to get our movie tics before finding a place to watch my fireworks. Everywhere is peopleeeeeeeee.
Initially decided on Helix bridge but i don't know how to get there with all the road blockages outside the road along the floating platform. :/
He super irritating la~ Keep making me walk all the wrong directions while he stand and see! -.- haha!

All the photos of the fireworks that i took looks crappy lorrrr! All wrong timing de! Either fireworks haven't explode or it's fading off le. ~.~
This is the best i managed. I like the heart shape ones that come out at the start! :)

He keep saying Fairmont view was better. Of course la~
Taken last saturday. Wished i was there to see! :/
Looks like a huge dandelion!

Went off to catch The Bourne Legacy!
Didn't see the first 3 Bourne movies and was pretty lost throughout the first half of the movies. @__@
Still waiting for the sypnosis to come out in wiki! hhaahah!
Super jialat sia recently. I don't understand all the movies that i'm watching nowadays. Growing dumb.

Trained home not without him messing my hat/hair again. ~.~
haha! :)
Nice day and night fully spent with friends.