Saturday, August 18, 2012


hh, i actually still have readers for this blog. wow.
I actually just meant it as a personal day-log for me to track my daily life, but yea, nothing's personal when you're online


Felt mad guilty about the amount of trash that i've been eating for supper daily so forced myself to gym before meeting my class for the Rockstar warehouse sale. Ran 11km instead of the intended 4.8km according to my schedule. :)
Glad that i can easily hit 10km now as compared to the past.

Bussed off to boonkeng and met up with santi. We forgo the sale cause the queue is ridiculously long and we're famished.
Saw a pink london taxi cab right infront of me! But it drove off before i can take a decent photo. x_x

Went off to eat at a local hawker centre before the rest who reached earlier comes back from the sale with their loots. Been long time since i catched up with Agnes and Sharon, miss having lunch with the 01 girls. :<
Can't wait for our 3d2n stay santi's house in batam coming in 2 weeks! :D

KianTeck and Santi followed me back home to make our baked rice.
Eat till we're FULL TTM! I cooked 2 cups of rice and we finished about 1 and 3/4 cup of it? LOL!
We made 2 trays. Check out the empty tray in the background that we stomached.

Really simple and easy to make! If i ever attempt this again, i'll fry the rice with garlic and egg instead of using plain rice plus more cheeseeeeeeee!!!! But overall it taste not bad la! haha!
Marinate chicken breast for the first time and santi says its good. waahhahaha #buaypaiseh



Miscalculated the timing to leave home for events. LATE ARRRRRR!!
Hopelessly long waiting time for 806 and when it finally came, it's full! WTHeck. I totally sprinted 1.5km from the busstop to mrt station(top up card) to another busstop for 858. Another ridiculously bloody long wait for 858. Felt like crap that morning LOL! I really hate being late for work cause it's events and punctuality is really important.
Dropped myself off somewhere in the expressway to catch a cab cause i've like 10 minutes before event start and my bus is still nowhere near it.
Garang-ly stand in the road to flag for a cab. ~.~ only 2 cabs stop for me but they don't accept nets/master. shiat. Rest of the cabs are all hired until 1 SMRT SPACE cab suddenly stop for me and ak me to hop in.
The taxi driver is awesomely nice!!!!! Although he's carrying a passenger, he still ask me to get on board cause i can get fined for flagging for cab at expressway and it's super dangerous for me to stand at the road to flag taxi. :X
He intentionally wanted to drop me off at the budget terminal with the passenger but i beckon him to drive me to my destination after he got off. :X So he drove like a G6 to ECP carpark 2 for me. Bills came up to 12$ but he waived it off for me after knowing that i'm still a student and half of my event pay will go to cab fee if i pay him. SUPER NICE CAB DRIVER RIGHT?!?! Plus he keep joking with me throughout the ride. haha. Forgot to note down his carplate number but yea, he really make my day. :)
Sprinted towards the tentage and the people there are really nice and forgiving me for being late. :) They even keep passing me B&J ice cream vouchers. haha!

Johnson dropped me off at Kallang mrt cause i'm stuck in ECP. Seriously hate events at ECP. Super incovenient. Had a lonely lunch before going back to dover for clinic.
Dispensing was the breeze since there's no customers. Ended up chatting with counter slots peeps.
Impromptu-ly joined the old 02 peeps (YongTeck, JianBin, ZhiYing, JingRui and YingYing) for dinner at The Merry Man since YY got car that day. haha! Been joining groups of people from other classes recently.
First time to Robertson Quay. #noob.
It's like clarke quay in residential area with lots of ang mos. haha.

Ordered Escargots cause ZY and i didn't eat snails before and wanna try it.
Disappointed that it's de-shelled! :/

Truffle Fries! My first time too! Taste really fragrant.
Nom noms! Ordered 3 meshtins of it! haha!

Parma Ham and Mozzarella Pizza! Love it!

Ordered 2 casserole dishes of Mac and Cheese. Another first-time for me. hahahhah! Suagu max!

Shared around the food and bill came up to $15 per person. Ok la, reasonable.
Hang around the bar/restaurant for about 2hours plus plus chatting over iced water with a live band going on. Just love that kind of ambience. :) Awesome evening spent with them.

Didn't join the guys for night pool so YY dropped me off at AMK. :)
Super love sitting in cars driven by own friends. :D
Wished i got a driving liscense! (Actually i'm just lazy to learn plus no family car. :X)