Monday, August 6, 2012

Foodified Monday

Woke up with a nightmare today! Luckily it isn't true. Phew~
Nothing is worst than rejection.

No school today as i swapped clinic slots with ZhiYong! yay! :D

Had zero plans in the morning so randomly went out with my mum to market to get the ingredients for Happy call Pandan chiffon cake! She's been asking me to make pandan cake for her since eons ago so why not today. ;)

End up taadaaaaaa. failzxz!! I think something went wrong at the beating or eggwhite, mixing in the eggwhite and the controlling of fire. Oh wells, first time seldom succeed. :X
Took the recipe from here 
Actually it looks pretty nice when i first open up the pan. NICE AND FLUFFY~ Until 5 sec later it starts to sink. DAMN~
5 minutes later, it reduces into a kueh texture. sucks! But my mum and aunt love the taste. -__-
I have to even beg them to throw it away as it's not worth the calories la.

Tried another dish. Instant noodle pancake from this blog.

How mine looks like. CUI~!~!~!
I replace the side ingredients with dried shrimp, white cabbage and hotdogs since that's all i have in the fridge.

Passed half to my bro after he requested for it and the next thing i know, he tweeted:
It tastes.... i don't know how to describe. Neither good nor bad. But i didn't finish it! haha! Not worth the stomach space.


Mummy bought me A LOT of popiah from my fav stall as my lunch! LOOOOOOOOL!!!
She can really sense how much i love it sia. ahhaha! But it was cold by the time she brought it home. so the crispy thingy inside wasn't so enjoyable anymore.

Head out to Min's house for a while to catch up with her and give the mozzie at her house a feast. X__X
Can't wait for her exams to end!

Off to meet Santi and KianTeck in town to eat Indonesian Food.
The chilli is SPICY DIE ME LAAAA~! Super shiok for Santi. -__- #indonesian

Round #2 at Swensen and we ordered earthquake! :D
Had scoops of Lime sherbet, Hazelnut, Chocolate malt, Rocky road, Mango, Pistachio, Chocolate Peanut butter, Sticky chewy chocolate! ♥

Santi and KT's super funny when they try to tempt and control each other from ordering mains from the menu as they mouth itchy. We keep eyeing on the ice cream buffet and a caucasian happily enjoying it. Crap all night long and I totally laugh till i peng tonight with this 2 crazy mates! hahahaah!
Some random guy walking past me even commented 'Wa so happy ar.' HAHAHAH!!!!

I'm gonna grow fat hanging around them since we got aloooooooot of to-try food in our food-list! hahah! :D