Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fairmont Penthouse

Awesome day is awesome.

Finally tried one of the more 'famous' popiahs around in Singapore.
Went to look for this stall as i got some time to spare before event at TPYECC starts since it's delayed 30minutes. Walked around the whole neighbourhood without GPS and am so proud of myself when i got there. My googlemaps app can't stop crashing lately. Le Sigh.
End up it wasn't as nice as everyone say it to be. Like.... too bland and raw? I still think the best 1 belongs to 928 yishun Lit Lit Popiah. heehee! :X

That pig ying overslept and i had to thick-skinly ring 2 of her sisters up to wake her. X_X
Tried operating 2 machines at a go and whoa, it was hectic till Andy's cousin came to help.
One of Andy's cousins, Fion, was super nice to send me to Science Centre after the morning one for my next event although it's not really very very convenient for them. They're always so good to me! Just gotta love doing events with them. :D

Impromptu-ly went to cityhall after event to a penthouse at Fairmont Hotel invited by Nic and his friend. The penthouse is booked by his company's boss for gathering purposes and i got luckied!
Met Wesker on the train while i was reading my novel and we alighted together at the same station! hahah! Coincidence much!

Nic fetched me up from Raffles City SC in home clothes! LOL and the moment he open the door to the room, i totally stunned. Inside look soooooooooo gorgeous! I've never stepped into a place so beautiful before!
It's really damn huge and everything look crazily poshed! The toilet is like more than twice the size of my bedroom and the bedroom is like twice of my living room!

This is only 1/3 of the toilet.

Can choose between shower or bathtub.
The showering facilities is so great till i don't wanna stop showering. :X
He said that i spent 45 minutes in the toilet! LOOOOOL!
Ohya they got me some oversized gym attires to change into after i washed up since i was covered in candyfloss and smell of popcorns from the earlier events. haha!

The super super awesome view from the penthouse bedroom. We're at the top most level of the hotel, 26th floor.

He said that the NDP fireworks is super clear from here. Too bad i went on a Sunday.

Joined the rest at the dining table after freshening up. Was pretty full when i got there but his friends got me to eat anyway. Clinton prepared me a steak. And yea, there's a steamboat machine, BBQ pit, kitchen in the air conditioned penthouse. First time witnessing it! LOL!

Nuah around the sofa area while watching teevee! Super nice to nuahhhhh. Don't wanna get up at all.

The night scenes of CBD. poor quality tho. :/
His company people are all so naise! Had small chats with them and we headed for the private gym that is opened for 24hours at 10pm. Did a 3.5km run and had to go home after that. :(

I'll miss that place for sure. :/
I'll miss you for sure too.