Friday, August 31, 2012

Comex 2012

Working at Comex 2012 is pretty awesome so far.
It's my first time working in an IT fair and due to the fact that i'm a last minute recruitment, product training was done 30 minutes before the fair starts. Absorb absorb absorb! hahah! Ultra last minute.
Am promoting for Trendmicro Titanium Maximum Security 2012 antivirus software.
Luckily it is an easy product to sell and the commission's not bad. I promote till i'm on the verge of getting one myself cause it's really THAT good!
My new colleagues there are really nice and easy to talk to! Feels as in i've know them for long. Can easily start up a topic with them. :)
Glenn's booth is directly opposite mine! Coincidence much! Saw Serene working for lenovo too!

First 2 hours of sales was bleah. Z.e.r.o.
But it just gets better and better.
I was like the only person without any sale. So i went on and chiong cause the basic is far too low imo. It was only till the end of the day then i found out that pay's $7/hr plus comm. Awesomes. :D Cause my sales for the first day is pretty good.

I stationed myself beside one of the model/showgirl and we keep crapping about different styles in giving flyers and other random chats. hahah! funny la she! Their pay seriously damn high laaaa~ as compared to mine.

Good thing that lunch and dinner's provided!Adeline's my break partner and we always hide behind those advert standies to eat. heehee. Nommies plus there's ricola girls walking around distributing applemint sweet! Free flow of sweets to keep the energy up high! I love that flavour cause it taste like little twin star sweet! :D God knows how many sweets i've popped into my mouth already.

Quite a lot of friends came over to visit me this few days! heehee! So nice of them! But they don't wanna buy my product! LOL! But yea it's nice to see familiar faces around! :D

Hit a three digit value pay on the first day..... but was transferred to the tiny best denki booth to promote on the second day. Isolated from all my colleagues! T__T Sales was so badly affected cause location ain't good at all. Luckily there'll be a rotation everyday. :D
However, the staff at Best Denki are ultra nice and easy to talk to. One even helped me to gain commission while i go for my break! They make my day go fast! I like interacting and meeting new people! :) Glad that Andy's events job trained me to be very proactive with strangers.

Tomorrow's the weekend where the crazy crowd traffic comes! Can't wait to earn like mad and chiong with everyone! :D
Working for IT fair's so awesomely fun! :) No wonder so many teenagers like to work for it.
Last 2 days left, com'on dor, gogogo!

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