Tuesday, July 3, 2012


LOL i browsed through my wishlist dated 4 years ago in my old blog and saw this.
Kinda childish hahahah!
But i felt pretty happy having clear majority of the economically friendly ones.
My current edit are in green stating that i've cleared it. Reds are my completion dates i added in last time before i chance upon it and grey signifies my loss of interest in it HAHA!

♥Zoo -
Went this year while working for an event with Min.
♥Shoe bag  -
Received 2 of this last year.
Wild Wild Wet (22thjune09)
♥Learn Guitar
♥Learn Dance -
Tried in year 1 of poly before.
Hair Rebonding (6thsept09)
Earholes (14thmarch10)
♥Laptop -
Bought in year 1
♥Kuishin-Bo -
Had it as a b'day treat from huiying!
♥Cycling -
done with GTs at Pulau Ubin
♥Ice Skating -
done with Johnson and HuiYing
♥Learn In-line Skating
- done with Alicia and HuiYing
♥Waitress Job - done it last year. sucks lol
Flip-Flops (18thjune09)
♥Shoulder bag -
dozen of this
Oven (3rdmay09)
♥Top 10 in Class

Steamboat (16thmarch09)
♥Sentosa - too many times
Picnic (18thjune09)
♥Temasek Poly; Tourism and Hospitality

Singapore Poly; Optometry (27thjan10)
♥Singapore Poly; Banking and Financial Services
10 Domos (6thapril09)
- done
Butter Crab (21stdec09)
♥10 points and below in O Lvl

♥Cable Car
Dye Hair (24thnov09)
♥Go Jay Chou Concert
♥Sports Shoes
- done
♥Duffle Bag
- done
Volunteer for YOG 2010 (5thapril09)
♥Amore Fitness
♥5M neopoints
♥Hair treatment
Xiao Long Bao (9thjan10)

♥Nameplate Necklace♥Baking lessons
♥Live in a countryside and have a little farm
♥Pug or Yorkie or Bulldog♥New Zealand
♥Gold striped Adidas Jacket(white)
SG Flyer (1stjune09)
♥Perm Hair - done and regretted
♥Genting Highlands - done with classmates
♥Biggest size Domokun plush♥Persian Cat
♥Spectacles - made 2 pairs in half a year LOL!
♥Acne cleared skin♥Waist length hair - long till i chop it short♥Fake Lashes - lots of it

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