Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Yea baby~ I finally caught this movie! :D
Met YongTeck, Phyllis, Michael, Ronald, FanYing and JianHong at JurongPoint for the show.

As YT, Phy, Mike and Ron watch before, they sat in the front 4 rows while the remaining 3 of us sat in the back 3 rows that YT helped us to booked.

I had a little problem following the plot as i didn't really watch Batman Begins but overall the movie's still freaking awesome! I mean, how many superheroes flicks not be mind blowing? Gotta thank Phy for clearing all my question marks from the movie. And Anne Hathaway is freaking hot~! Her figure's really what every girl would want sia.

I love this quote from Batman:

You Wear the Mask to Protect Those You Love

 Damn sweet isn't it!? ::>

Initially in whatsapp, Mike say that catwoman killed batman (when i insist on no spoilers!!!), so when Bruce got stabbed during 1 scene, i thought it was Selena who did it sia. hahaha! End up what a twist!

Decided to went with the boys for dimsum supper at SweeChoon in YongTeck's car while JianHong, FanYing and Phyllis went home.
Just gotta LOOOOOVE the feeling of sitting in your friend's car.
Chat.Bitch.Gossip with GUYS~ HAHAHAHAH!!!

My virgin trip to SweeChoon and we actually ordered quite a number of dimsums. This is just a random shot that didn't cover everything.
The meesua kueh and salted custard bun's mad awesome! ♥♥♥♥♥
Check out the melted gold liquid enclosed in this wonderful fluffy bun!

Was crazily full and the bill came up to 11.50$ per person for quite a spread of dishes. Pretty worth it. :D

Mr Nice Guy YT sent the rest of us 3 home by midnight cause i still got a test tomorrow(which i almost overslept for), ron don't want to be home late and mike got a report to rush by 2am.


Anyway my first paediatric patient came today! :D
Doing retinoscopy on little Shannon while her mum snapped a photo of us. :)
Just need 1 more paediatric to clear my quota for the semester! Can't wait manzxz~!

Had a really serious idiopathic abdominal pain earlier on in the MRT just now and i can't contact my mum nor Alicia for help. Felt like dying while clutching onto my poor crying tummy. Was really afraid that i'll faint or near-faint in the packed train like the time after i did my wisdom tooth removal. Considered taxi-ing back home but the distance from Holland V back to Yishun is freaking far and somemore its the peak hours, so i just tahan and tahan till the pain goes away somehow....
It's really strange for me to experience this kind of pain as for sure its not period cramp, i have no history of gastric and i wasn't starving/fasting myself that day.

Gotta thank JianHong for waiting for me at Yishun MRT to make sure i'm fine. hahah! Super appreciated little gestures like this!