Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I still remember my first association with marathons is SCMS 2010 where i went alone as volunteer cause Zoe pulled out last minute. Was placed at the 32km mark where my team and i were in charge of the Ekiden race. Interesting event as i got to know more people and inspired by the runners that are still running at the 32km mark! Impressive! That's when i told myself i wanna take part too!

Samantha and Jerry! :B

Sometimes I always wonder how some girls can stand caking up their face with foundations and eye makeups when they go for gym or marathons.

I mean don't they feel gross mixing sweat and their powder or cream based products together meh? Like will clog pores badly sia!
I even saw girls with falsies on in my recent race. Super hiao! haha! Really wonder how they managed to run with that on?! I totally rip off my double lid tape after 3km into the run cause its starting to irritate me.

How i got into running.
Due to my not too fat yet not skinny build, i'm dying to shed the extra pounds to fit nicely into free size clothing. (Not that i can't wear them, but its too body hugging for comfort in my opinion) So i bugged Alicia to sign up 3 races with me last year so that i will be motivated to train for them and hopefully lose weight in the process.

Safra Army Half Marathon
New Balance Real Run
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

I skipped the Safra AHM due to objections from my mum since the day after it is my Inner Mongolia OCIP.
I almost killed myself in NB Real Run with only 2 5km trainings before the run, SCMS was the worst with only a week of training and zero mental strength.
So yea, my plan of losing weight while training for 10k phailed badly as i wasn't motivated at all!
Was really disappointed with my timing for SCMS so i started jogging close to 5km everyday!
I controlled my diet strictly with calorie counter apps and managed to lose 3kg in 3 weeks! How awesome is that! :D 
But somehow i lost that motivation in me and started binge-ing. My pounds came home, my guilt sky rocketed and i went back to running as my food input is more than my energy output.
Slowly i came to like running more and more. It became as a source of distraction, distress and hobby to me.

Minqi always ask me why i pay money to torture myself in running events and this wretched sentence of hers never fail to crawl into my fragile mind during every race. LOL xD
But the feeling of completing each race is indescribable. That moment when i land my last step onto the finishing line, i feel like hugging myself. haha! Though my 10k run is peanuts compared to people who can easily run 42k effortlessly, but this comes as a great achievement to me especially when i beat my personal best timing with every run.

Oh yea, my Shape Run's official timing is out. Nett time of 56:02 min. Damnnnn almost got 55mins.
But oh wells, i really satisfied with this timing already. :D

As of now, i know my heart loves me tho i'm still carrying weights around my body.

46kg by end of this year. Go me go!


Need to self shame a bit here first.

Why can't i be as disciplined as back in the start of the year!?!?
I need a regular jogging routine and strict diet.
Damnit Doreen, damnit!