Sunday, July 22, 2012

Race Against Cancer 2012

This morning was the run that i dreaded for weeks cause i didn't bother to train for it at all! Was concentrating my training on Shape Run instead.
RACE AGAINST CANCER 15km lehhhhH~! The extra 5km is a turn off! hahah!
Dragged myself up after a morning call from Nic and my annoying alarm. Grahhhhhh~

Don in my favourite race tee instead of the given RAC shirt cause i prefer sleeveless for my runs. I love like Shape's singlet. Super fitting and i ♥ the colour! :D

Bussed all the way to ECP and i almost fell asleep on the bus. Freaking unwilling to run initially. Too nua and lazy~
Met up with Adhi on the racesite itself and saw some familiar faces from SP Marathon Team. haha~ awkward~ since i don't turn up for training.
Majority of the people are in the RAC shirt. I'm the only girl in Shape tee! heehee. Easy to spot me! :) A pink in a sea of red.

Race route. Note the red line.

This is my very very very first 15km run. Super intimidated as I've never gone more than 10km previously before. Even in my evening jogs, the furthest i went is 8km only. The only times i ran 10km is during the race on itself.
Started the first 2km on a super slow jog due to the packed crowd on a tiny track. Initially decided to stay at this non competitive speed for the whole run until reached 3km and started going a little faster tho still at a slower pace than normal.

My hairstyle for the race! Pretty comfy to run in as i don't feel my hair weight at all.

Saw Wesker as volunteer cheering people on at the 9km. haha :) Nice to see familiar faces when you're half dead.
From 9km onwards it's like the race against the sun. Its just right smack in front of me. The heat reminds me of NB Real Run. Saw quite a handful of familiar faces during the NSRCC stretch/loop.

Used that guy on the extreme right og the photo(30947) who's been running beside me from 5km onwards as my pacer. When he stop, i got him to run, when i'm about to stop, he motivate me with the 'last stretch, com'on'. Awesomes. :) Managed to keep a consistent pace cause of him. :)
I stopped at almost every water point for a drink. The sun is really killing plus i wasn't pretty much hydrated before the run.
Can't really remember much about the run as i'm mostly blanked out throughout the race. haha!

The last 1km was the longest 1km i've ever experience. It feels like 2km. T___T If not for that guy, i would've stopped and walked.
But yea, sprinted with that guy at the last 200m mark and thanked him for being my pacer.
Saw Joel after the medal collection and chatted with him while waiting for our friends to complete.
I've got no idea what was my timing lol. Was only focusing on completing at the last stretch. My mental strength was too drained!
Started chatting with an uncle beside me after Joel left with his friends. hahah! I really like talking and interacting with strangers. :P

Ah ma, i ran this in remembrance of you! Continue to bless our family with joys and laughters from above!♥ 
You've done well in combating cancer! We're all proud of you!

Adhi arrived and waited for him to cool down on the grass patch before collecting our baggage. Saw Clinton and his friends as well!

Ahh~ my messy eyebrows!

My hair feels fried after the race. Lika sunburnt! haha!

The tag that Adhi pinned on his back. Nice.

Bloody hell. The shadow casted makes me humongous thighs look bigger than ever.

Bussed to Old Airport Road Food Centre for our lunch! My first time setting foot inside this place.
We bought the LAO BAN Soya Beancurd ($1.50) to try for the first time and hmm.... i think chongpang's chi ni dou fu's 1 seems better leh somehow. I prefer the powdery taste i get from the latter.
Heh, but i finally got to taste it as it's always either closed or sold out every time i patronize any one of their outlets. #badluckdoreen

I couldn't stomach the whole bowl though i force it down. X_X
Was pretty hungry before i reached but after eating a bowl... mad full! Totally lost appetite for the rest of the stalls which is super not #doreen as i usually feast like mad in this kind of environment with lots of famous yummy food.

They have manyyyy carts of tauhuay that is sent to their shop and not only that, they got a huge truck park beside the food centre and inside is all full of tauhuay! Business damn good. hahahah!
Appetite was thrown away by the tau huay and i just bought a popiah back home after walking round and round the food centre. I refuse to go home empty handed! HAHAH!
Was too tired to touch the popiah so i bathed and napped immediately. I even dreamt about running in my dreams. LOL

I still can't believe that i ran 15km just now. The feeling i got upon completing was somewhat similar to the 1 i felt when i completed my first 10km. It's been a long time since i experience that. What a nice morning. :)

My race result from Race Against Cancer 2012!!!! Seriously i'm bloody proud of myself for this run la!
I was totally expecting my timing to be around 1:45:00 ++ for 15km but end up its much better than expected! :DDDD It means on the average i spend 10km/hr which is my speed for sundown. Kindof surprised as i thought i was running in a non competitive pace.
Initially thought the 1 hour 30mins mark that Michael set for me would be impossible but yea, i did it~ haha! The power of thinking of your grandma while running. :)

Oh ya.. just signed up Yellow Rbbon Prison Run 10km cause i want a yellow race tee. Damn bimbo right? hahaha hope to beat my PB of 56mins by then. X_X
Crazy but yea, gonna go with Sherica! Her first 10km. :)

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Lastly, imma gonna try to fast tomorrow onwards! :D
Not gonna stick to the Muslim fasting guidelines as i'm 100% sure that i will break it.
I set my rules as no food from 8am~8pm although plain water is allowed throughout the duration. A test of my weak mental strength. haha! Shall end it on the 19th August! GO ME GO!