Monday, July 16, 2012


My week's been really really packed this week! Especially my weekends!
Went Asian Civilization Museum with DOPT stage A people on Friday;
Singapore Challenge 2012 with my lovely old classmates;

Asian Civilization Museum is really pretty boring. haha.
How can museums be interesting with the exception of those war genre and forbidden city! :P
This silly Yim took a chalk and drew our name big big for photoshoot.
End up can't erase la! hahah! Gei kiang. So we just left the chalkboard as it was with our names on it lol.

Dorcas! :)

My teammates for this museum trip!

Hang around awhile till 9pm plus for everyone else and accompanied the rest for their dinner.
For the first timeeeeee we're mingering around with our new classmates instead of sticking to ourselves.
They bought McD and we sat around in a circle beside the Singapore River discussing about our future chalet and stuffs.



Super excited for this as it's my first time participating in those amazing race type of events. heehee :D
Met up with the rest at YCK mrt before proceeding to NYP.

Reported ZOOMoptoms's attendance and received another racepack from them.
Inside contains quite a bit of barang barangs and one of it is stickers for our name tag!
They already helped me pasted mine on the card holder cause i'm the team leader and check out KianTeck's nationality! hahah!
Santi, him and i were always talking about our links to Indonesia (Santi's Indonesian, KT's born in Indonesia, I got half Indonesia blood in me) and they accidentally out his nationality as Indonesian! x)

Baoyi, KaiHo, EngChuan and KianTeck worked on the clues to find out where we've to proceed to while Ronald, Santi and i prepared the team art with Agnes as our camerawomen!
I briefly read the instructions and assumed that the big white cloth provided was to be cut into 8 bandanas for each team members to wear....
So here we go~


Santi! :D

KaiHo! :D

Agnes! :D

Ronald! :D


BaoYi! :D
End up alamak!!! we need to cut out a 50x50cm cloth from the big sheet to decorate and submit as team art, not make bandana!!
By then we've already into 8 triangles already! Screwed up before the race even started! hahahahah! xD
We used staples, tape from the first aid kit to salvage the triangle into a square by taping 2 triangles then cut again. Seriously epic! hahah!

Ron did some awesome drawings of MBS skyline before we head off.

Race started and our first point was JooChiat CC to answer some questions about food.
Bought D'bun as i heard how nice it taste online before and the rest followed! heehee.

Settled our lunch at a nearby mini coffeeshop then off we train to Bayfront mrt.
Took photos with foreigners and interview them about their traditional wedding for bonus points.
We totally ran through MBS The Shoppes when i thought the station would be closing in 2 mins time! hahaa! Ruin Singapore's reputation. Thr sky was pouring by the time we reach so we all shared brolly-s and my partner was KT! We jog to the next pit stop under an umbrella in the rain! hahaah!
Answered some simple questions, took photo for bonus time and zoom off to Clementi. We skipped Holland's checkpoint as we got no time already.

Check out my height in between this 2 giants!

The rain was really energy draining and i feel shag after MBS. aiyaaaa~ hahah!
Reached Clementi, find hawker stall selling sg food, take photo, finish the fill-in-the-blank task then off we head back to the final stop, NGEE ANN POLY!


 They provided us with refreshments and Ron + KH hurriedly finish up the teamart as its near the closing time for submission of score card and art.

As i was madly hungry, i ate and ate and ate nonstop!
Even to the extend of barbarian-ly skewering the prata with my satay stick! xD

Finaly art piece. Super nice right?!?!?!! Done using fabric marker!

Went up to the hall to see the performance they have for us as well as wait for the final score.
Played stretching with EC as we got nothing to do. No kick cause both of us are flexible. haha!

Stoning..... performance very dry. We're all very drained. Can't wait for it to end.

And.... we didn't wait for it to end! haha! Went off prematurely cause we know we won't win anything as we play everything in relax mode. xD

Walked to Saizeriya at Bukit Timah Plaza for them to have their dinner.
WeiJie joined us! Yays! :D Long long no see ex-coursemate!
I only ordered a soup cause of the amount of food i ate at NP haha!

Happy Be-early Birthday EngChuan! 1 more year to the BIG 3#!!! xD
Group photo before i hurried home to prepare for next day's run.

Shape Run 2012!
Woke up at 430. Been super long since i woke up so early! X_X
Clipped on a huge sunflower on my head to look different. heehee! Ultra girly. :P


Board the first train and woahhhhh~ inside's a sea of pinks and blues due to 2 marathons conducted in the same day, Shape Run and Pocari Swear Run! Majority of the girls were in pink and guys were in blue.

Reach the race village alone, check in baggage alone, went to starting point alone. T__T
Cause that Alicia's lateeee!
Squeeze through the crowd and 1:00 pacers to the first 10 lines of people in front so that i won't be caught in the human traffic at the starting zone. First time running without any warm ups, my phone, armband, towel and a companion. :'(
Started the run and the route was pretty not bad. But i only remember going past geylang and sg flyer cause my mind is either always blank out or motivating myself not to stop everytime i run 10k.
Feels really awesome to see the 1:00 pacers at the loops to gauge how far in front i am of them to hit sub 1hour. The guy pacers are really super cute and encouraging! Too bad there's no 0:50 pacers around.
Though the volunteers in this event is rather limited, they're really very encouraging and keep cheering us on. A lot of them comment on my sunflower. heehee! :D

Started to feel beaten at the 9km mark and stopped twice for a few seconds. EEks! But cameras are always a good distraction. haha!
Being doreen and a hiao person, i buay hiao bai-ly posed and smile at all the cameras along the way! xD Serve as an awesome distraction for me.
Sprinted in the last 200m towards the finishing line and WOOOOOO~ 56mins!
Damn proud of myself! Out of the past 4 10k races that i took part, this is my personal best!

New Balance Real Run was 70mins,
Standard Chartered was 77mins (alamak!),
Sundown Marathon was 60mins,
Shape 2012 is 56mins.

Proud of my improvement of 20mins over 6 months! :DDDDD

Walked around to try and cool down before finding my way to get the runner's kit. The queue at the runner's kit is MADNESS! Snakes of queues forming everywhere. Super messy! Should've joined the queue immediately when i finished where there's not a lot of people yet. :( Randomly chat with different people around me while queuing. Feeling ultra sociable this morning haha!
Head off to take instant photo at Jacob's booth and i started randomly chatting with people beside me again. hahahahah! Too bored without companion around and no phone to contact Alicia.
Kay, i look awkward here with my head tilt. X_X

Hang around the carnival booths and bought special K items at discounted rates. Talk a lot with the SA there and she gave me 1 extra energy bar. heehee :D

Finally met up with Alicia after collecting my baggage and off we go to jalan besar swimming complex to bathe and rush off to our own individual work.
Gosh where am i looking at.

The race tee and medal's pretty isn;'t it? :D

Splitted up after that and we cab to different part of SG. $__$

15k run next sunday. BO MOTIVATION ANYMOREEEE!

#So easy to get over you. Wow. :D

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