Monday, July 9, 2012

My Bucket List

Definitely not a wishlist cause this is a list of something i really wish to do or try before i die. haha :P
I hope it grows shorter and shorter instead of the other way round.

-Learn swimming!!!

-Rock climb a 25m wall.

-47kg damnit


-42km marathon

-Night cycling

-Graveyard cocktail

-Sky diving

-Hug a Koala bear

-Someone to love, depend, trust and share my future and joy with.

-Complete watching a horror movie without covering my eyes and ears

-Run a marathon with costume on! :D

-Shisha (Once. Just once.)

-Take part in Songkran

-Star gazing out of SG while lying on an open field the whole night

-Fasting for a month

-Harry Potter World!!!

-Learn sign language

-Adopt a dog


-Scuba diving

-See the northern lights

-Learn driving

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