Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hetic week

My schedule was packed to the brim this week! Super sleep deprived!!!
Juggling clinic sessions with project due dates and own life. I need more than 24 hours per day!

Everyday just felt like a standard routine.
Wakeup -> Clinic -> Lesson -> Hangout awhile -> Project -> Sleep -> Midnight calf cramp -> Wakeup

My night calf cramps is really getting disturbing! I have it almost every night nowadays! Damn weird la! Googled and found out that it could be due to too much exercising, poor blood circulation, nutrients deficiency and dehydration. Hope it's just dehydration only. X_X

Anyway, concluded my FYP data collection with the last 4 subjects at SPOC on Wednesday.
We gathered a total of 40 subjects and i'm pretty satisfied with my team's efficacy. :D
Leon and Wesker came and saw them for the first time side by side! hahahah! They look super alike la! KianTeck even asked why Leon is here again as he mistook him for Wesker.

Off for an evening with Nicholas in town. I was almost successful in fasting 12 hours until he made me eat. ahhH~ Broke my 11 hours 30 mins fast in XinWang HK Cafe with dimsum! heehee :D Had char siew pau and guo tie while waiting for our movie time to start. I eat while he watch. Piangzxz! ><

I strictly refuse to watch horror so we stuck to this!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

A cute small box of complimentary popcorns. I ordered fully salted but didn't finish it. It totally taste of the popcorn oil that i used for Andy's popcorn machine. Urgh!

Overall the movie is LOL. Covered my eyes for the first few scenes as i didn't expect the vampires to be so gory. Was pretty immuned towards the end to his disappointment. haha! :D

Did a night baking for KianTeck's birthday cake!
I find him as a really nice friend cum bro who always come up with seriously weird and funny analogies. Enjoy the times with Santi and him in class :) Used to have a bad impression of him back in year 1. hahah! How time flies.

Was intending to stack 2 batches of cake. End up got lazied and slice 1 batch into half and started doing the filling.
Anyway it's a Chocolate Banana Cake with Nutella Spread. Sounds good yea? ahhaha! Topped it with NIPS peanut chocolate as he's always eating it in class.
My expected end design was far from this. Originally intended to cover the side with processed oreo bits but end up the nutella spread was ruining the surface so i gave it up and another bomb the sides with cheese wafer biscuits LOL. Random much.
Oh wells it looks better in photos than real life, thats for sure. Was really irritated when i screwed this up as i thought my cakes should have improvements especially after my pretty successful first cake for my mum.

But was glad that he like it. hahah! I secretly find the taste too heavy and sweet especially with the incorporation of banana. X_X

My cake box tying skill learnt from working in The Icing Room back then. LOL

♥DOPT 01'10/11♥

GT dinner on thurday evening!!
Met up with Adhi and Candy first at starbucks while waiting for 7pm to arrive. Convo was really epic with Adhi's past history of NSAIDs allergies that causes orbital cellulitis look-alike appearance and a lady with 3 boobs. hahahah!

Being with them just makes me miss the times in Inner Mongolia. I know i mentioned this for umpteen of times before but yea, really miss the stress free period and spending time with each other. Not to forget, the crazy serving of food where it's impossible to finish! AWESOME LA~!

By the way i received a surprise letter when i got home! The CDC/CCC bursary! I thought i didn't managed to get it this year as everyone around me claimed it already! Turns out that not only i receive it, i get to attend a presentation ceremony whereby it will be presented to me by Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim! yay! :D The last time i collect bursary through this method was long long ago back in primary school.
Feel sooooo proud of myself. hahah! Wonder why i'm collecting it differently as compared to the rest.


10am till 5.30pm

Did general eye examination for Adhi as my first slot and everything went on smoothly. My retinoscopy was pretty accurate, everything was fine and the grades were awesome! Got an overall 'excellent' for that slot. Thanks Adhi! :D

Second slot was Justin.... GAWD.
His prescription was somehow really hard to get. Even Shajan overcorrected him. We had to use the auto refractor to double confirm it.
I began to lose my patience as my tone gets more and more cold towards him cause no matter what, the response is ultra weird!
Shajan then taught me binocular Von Grafe in replacement of Maddox wing/dist Howell Phoria card and it's really ultra fast! Wow!

But somehow don't know why... i think i stress myself out too much in this slot and broke down after he left. I've never exceeded clinic time till so long before and felt disappointed in myself when i don't feel competent in BV especially after i'd did it twice before. Had a strong gut feeling that i'll fail every single component for BV. YingYing had to even pop in my room and help me complete the rest of the tests left.
Tears just kept flowing and flowing. X_X
Forgot to thank JianBin, YongTeck, Santi and all for the consoles. I felt too lost at that point of time. :X I even shocked Shajan as he felt that i'm too harsh on myself. lol. He said that i did pretty good. Maybe yea... i gave myself too much pressure, too much expectation. Luckily he only failed me for my ret and subjective refractive which i admit i really did FAILZXZ at.

'Make the hardest thing to do, the easiest' 

Went to do counter duties with swollen red eyes straight after my room session as i exceeded too much time and had no time to eat. Look like a wreak argh.
The counter staffs and Shajan were really really nice and gave me 45 minutes to go and get my lunch. Usually late by 1 minute for clinic can get demerit points and yet they gave me a 45 mins break. Super duper nice of them la! :DDDDD

Redeemed my Beef Pastrami from Subway and bought a yanyan dip to cheer myself up. Yumszx! :D

Finished my counter duties and sinned on many junk food back home.
FAT LA DOR. @#$%^&*