Thursday, July 19, 2012

Foodified days

Been overeating so much this few days till i should slap myself. T___T
Worst of all, i lost all motivation to run! So much for all the previous entries about running. Joke!

MinQi came to SP Optometry Centre with her NP friend to help Dorcas and I for our clinic quotas! My clinician of the day was Ms Anna Yeo. Intimidating max especially at the start where she was ultra fierce to me with all her weird questions that caused me to blank out.
Even MinQi commented that she's super fierce! x__x
Moved on and did aftercare for her followed by soft contact lens fitting. As there's no correct lens parameter for her right eyes, i couldn't do contact lens delivery on her. >_< But i impromptu-ly added on RGP fitting on her.
Gotta thank her max lot for allowing me to fit hard lens for her as it feels so uncomfortable! Even i hate it!
Luckily overall my grade for the 3 clinic components is pretty good. Hengggggg ahhhh~ Thought i screwed up badly!

Check out of my clinic slot and bus off with her to ABC Brickworks Food Centre! Supposed to bring her to Alexandra Village Food Centre for claypot laksa but somehow we reached the former first and decided to stay there.
Walked around and got overwhelmed by the amount of good looking food everywhere! ahhahah!

End up we settled for the famous Yuan Yuan Claypot Rice ($10.00 for 2 pax) which was served almost upon ordering! Super fast!! I always thought claypot rice needs a period of waiting time one.
Piping and sizzling hot!

She's my stir-er! Amount of yummy crispy almost-chaota rice depends on her.

Man~ I miss eating this already!

And it's gone before we know it! Overall it taste pretty not bad. The chicken meat inside is damnnnnnnnn good! Can taste the freshness and the texture is very very smooth! Yumzxz!

Next stop, a bowl of refreshing original 吃你豆腐 soy beancurd ($1.50) and chicken thigh soup ($5.00) to clear our palate of the heavy claypot sauces. Somehow i feel that the tauhuay in chongpang's branch taste better. The soy bean taste is heavier there.

Last but not least, SOYA BEAN ICE KACHANG ($2.80) from Gogo beanz!!! MA FAVOURITE DESSERT!♥♥♥♥♥ Check out those shiny round red beans bursting with fibre. Love it so muchhhh!!! The only sad thing is the tiny bowl of serving. If only its as big as typical ice kachang!

We totally ate till we almost exploded. Sooooo terribly full and we ALMOST went on to buy a plate of guotie from another shop. haha! 2 greedy max girls.
Spent a total of $19.30 for 2 person on dinner.

Decided to walk around the neighbourhood and IKEA to digest our food as well as look for my new bed frame! Yes, i'm finally gonna downgrade my bed from queen size to single size bed after 7 long years of lying on a huge mattress. heehe!

We super love this alien look-a-like stuff toy from IKEA toy section. Its super super soft and comfy plus its mad suitable as a bolster. Tempted to buy but TAHAN!!

Couldn't find any bed frames to my liking at all. They are all either for queensize mattress, expensive or the design is not what i wanted. Le sigh!
Walked past IKEA restaurant and that pig almost psycho-ed me into sharing a plate of meatballs with her. She seriously bottomless pit for such a tiny frame la! X_X

Topped up my EZ-link card for the first time through an ATM machine and both of us were left amazed LOL! SUAGU TTM!

Took 855 home and we'll be back for more food. MORE FOOD~! MUAHAHA :D