Saturday, July 21, 2012

A seedling';s story

A little seed was left on the ground by accidentally. Luckily her life was blessed with different gardeners passing by for the past 2 years.
Every now and then a gardener will pop by her spot to water her and throw in fertilizer.

First came Gardener A, a charming heavy smoker who kept his eyes on the little seed all the time and talk to it everyday. She was placed in a jar, suffocating under tge hands of Gardener A. After 2 weeks, he gave up as the seed refused to sprout.

Then came Gardener B, a proud showoff and liar who assumed that the little seed will bloom well under his care. He showered it with plenty of water and fertilizer. In fact, too much of it. Even so, the little seed still germinated. Gardener B was over the moon and he went around telling people around about a beautiful potted flower at home. Upon realizing the unwanted attention from the people, the seedling started dying. Gardener B was devastated and disappointed especially when people came to know that there was never a flower in the first place.

Gardener C who came along right after Gardener B freed the seedling was a warm family man. Once again, the little seedling started receiving plenty of high quality water and fertilizer. It started regaining some life until she realize that Gardener C is not only taking care of her, but also another seedling that is on the verge of blooming. Being stubborn at heart, the little seedling remained as it was and refuse to grow any further till she was disposed by Gardener C when the other seedling finally bloomed!

The little seedling was yearning for her original owner that left her there. She wondered if he will come back for her, she wondered if he remembered that he dropped a little seed on a ground.
The lonely little seedling then made friends with the grasses and ferns that grew around her. Her friends trap rain water to water her and anchor her firmly down with their roots to brave the rain or shine.

After half a year, Gardener D, a scholar and sportsman, passed by. He was intrigued by the beauty of the seedling growing among grasses and ferns and started taking care of her. He showered her with sugar water and candied fertiliser. The little seedling was uncomfortable with all this sugared nutrients but she was happy that at least someone is taking care of her. There came times when Gardener D forgot to water her. She was sad, yet happy to get away from the sugared nutrients. Slowly, the little seedling no longer depend on the sugars. Gardener D suddenly disappear, thus leaving the little seedling alone again.

Not long after Gardener D left, Gardener E adopted the little seedling. He became curious about this little seedling and started observing it. Day by day, the seedling grew by a few inches. She had just the right dose of fertilizer, right amount of water, air and sunshine. There was no suffocation, no sugar coated nutrients. Will the little seedling finally bloom under the care of Gardener E?

To be continued.....