Friday, February 24, 2012

I REALLY MISS MY LONG GOLD HAIR! I don't know how to appreciate it in the past and ruin it by perming. -.-

Its amazing how ONzxz i am to cut it to this length.
Cutting it short is unpreventable since my hair was fried and dried that time... (Hey it rhymes! :P)

But it still looks damn cool from the front. :P

But the hair now is just S.H.I.T.
No idea what to do with it except rebonding.... but i scared it'll be too flat. dilemma!!!!

Gained my weight back in this terrible month of tests, exams and a huge dose of stress!
Gonna go back to calorie counting and 5days of 5km run.
Con-tempting to try to special K diet! But it needs mad lot of discipline. :(

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