Thursday, February 10, 2011

new polishes

The 2 polishes that i've mention earlier arrived yesterday! Damn happy! :D
SUPER SUPER SUPER LOVE the teenage dream! Ultra sparkly and pinkish and nice! I'm wearing it now naked.
But for the black shatter.....heh... i kindof suck at it. nah, in fact i totally suck at it!
Blah, i know its out of line. i was testing the shatter effect.
Black shatter on top of my teenage dream.

I prefer the space in between the cracks to be bigger leh!
Small cracks are quite ugly imo. :/ look like bricks. :/

I think either is the texture of teenage dream too rough of the shatter's consistency too erm... thick/watery. i dont know how to judge. haha
Damn noob.
think i will probably buy a top coat first to smoothen the rough surface before trying shatter again.

anyway for anyone who wants to know where i order it, its from here
Very cheap i swear.
My teenage dream for 12$ and shatter for 13$ only.

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