Friday, February 18, 2011


My current camera, olympus FE-320 totally died on me last month.
Everything is working fine except the lens. My LCD screen keep showing a blank screen except when i view my previous photos or go to the menu page.
Plus the photo quality(8mp) is worster than the one taken by my phone(3.2mp).
This camera has been with me since sec 3, so the warranty's over long ago.
Wouldn't be worth to fix it as the resolution sucks and there's no more warranty to cover it.
So i might as well get a new camera.

Was aiming for Samsung ST 550 initially.
I like the fact that there's a front lcd screen.
But saw a lot of online reviews giving negative comments plus its quite ex.. so i gave up on it haha.
I'm sure in future there's be more brands coming up with better cameras with front lcd screen.

Canon Powershot A3300(red) 16MP

Canon Ixus 105(brown) 12.1MP

The specs are more or less the same except for the weight and shooting modes.

Ixus 150 is lighter and is more suitable for casual photo-takings with family and friends.

Powershot A3300 has higher MP and it looks erm...more appealing imo lol. Powershot is said to be slightly more complicated as it is more towards for people who are interested in photography and stuff. (in this case, I'm not.)
It is also is relatively new so i cannot find any personal reviews online. hm...:/

Don't know which to get! the Ixus is only cheaper by 30$ as stated in on canon's website.

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