Monday, February 7, 2011

Blogging on the train

On the way home from school now! Alone! :(
Just finished my optics test an hour ago. Hope i wont did too badly. Studied for it like mad today and yesterday. Quite last minute haha.
I want to keep my distinction but this paper like... Abit no confidence. :/

Today is another hungry max day home from school.
Ate nothing for the whole day except half a fish burger and apple juice. Feeling so nua now.
Why mrt dont have food carriage whereby they sell food there?!?! Can cater to hungry pigs like me!

The thought of reaching home irks me.
BECAUSE I HAVE TO START STUDYING FOR ANOTHER TEST ON WEDNESDAY! Still need to finish a 10+page report by wed.
Totally no mooooooood!
Optics already ko me halfway through!

Haha theres one guy in uniform on the train look like the actor for L.
Smelly kranji now.
Cant wait to eat
Maybe not going school tomorrow.
Shall stay home all the way to study for phy and rush the sickening report. Pai miaaaa ar!

Should i eat then sleep when i get home or sleep then eat or eat and watch drama.

When wed's test is over, im bombed by another test on next tues.
Wished theres a yog break now.
Should i perm or not ar?
My hair's been feeling shitty few days after cny. They tangled all the way and i keep dropping hair! Arghhhhh!
Maybe i'll leave it till next time.

I wanna treat my parents go watch its a great great world but their timing forever clash with mine! :(
Even if they are free, the tickets would be sold out! Wonder what its like to be in their era. Haha.
Sbw now!
2 more stops to yishun!
2 more stops to food!
2 more stops to my tummy feeling happy.
Faster faster faster.

Think ive crap enough nonsense on my 29min train journey liao. byezzzz

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